+ Jesus, surely you need Him

What can be said about Jesus? There is so much said in churches that is very far from the truth.  Jesus and every true thing about Him means everything to me.  I’m a Christian. Even that can mean any number of things, a lot of them not what it’s supposed to mean. Jesus is real, He died on a cross, why?  I am such a sinner, I do not deserve God’s love.  But Jesus is real, He truly lived and was crucifed, murdered on a cross. And why?

The Bible is the truth, it tells us the depth of God’s love, and the depth of His wrath. He is a loving God,  but He is also a God of justice. So many people take one line or two lines from the Bible and use them to kinda wave the cost of sin to the side and convince people that Jesus died for that, it’s no big deal, just pray this prayer and it’s all good.

I read a quote today that said: People don’t want GOD, they want Heaven……and because of that they will receive neither. #Repent

What is the gospel of Jesus Christ? I can not even say I am 100% sure. I know that the message I’ve heard in churches for years is so watered down from what I read in the Bible that it’s very sad. I do go to church.

What I know is that I am a sinner, I decided to seek Jesus because He did suffer the penalty of sin. I am trying to live for Him, it is not easy but living for Him, trusting in Him, learning about Him through the Bible and from men who still share the truth without compromise (there are a few) knowing Jesus and being honest no matter what anyone else thinks, is everything to me.

I see everyday what this world has to offer, and it never satisfys.  Jesus is real, I will follow Him until the day I die. Does He offer forgivness of sins, does He offer Heaven, does He offer truth, does He offer peace, does He offer much more? Yes. Hopefully you will seek Him too.


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