Million dollars and a blue t-shirt

Money, if we just had more money everything would be great, right? More money would be the answer to getting everything we want and true happiness. Of course, we say no, no that’s not what I think, but come on? I buy a power-ball ticket every once in a while so I admit it, more money would make me “happier” I believe. But as far as being what I need in this world, I know better, I hope.

Today I was in a rush to meet a friend to help him out. Going through the parking lot to get to my car there was a man by his bicycle. As soon as he sees me he says, “Give me a million dollars.” A strange thing for a stranger to ask you for isn’t it? Or maybe it was because I looked like a million dollars in my blue t-shirt and sweatpants? I don’t know, but I think I know.

I told him that I didn’t have a million dollars and to have a nice day. I get in my car and head out the parking lot and as soon as he sees me he kind of stands in front of my car and motions for me to put my window down. I did, he starts talking right away and reaches in and shakes my hand. He says something like, “Praise tha Lord, praise the Lord I was wondering if you could pray for me some time.” Yes, I can pray for you some time. He continues on, “I have a wife and two kids, had a contract job, lost my job and truck, this a real nice van you got here.”

I am in a hurry to help my friend but even if I’m not I’m pretty sure this man was going to quickly get around to asking for money. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I shouldn’t judge and I surely do not know everything (Just that I look like a million dollars in my blue t-shirt and sweatpants) but I feel it’s my responsibility to use my brain and my instinct in situations like this. I am not against helping people or giving them money or taking the time to listen and care but I can’t say yes, here you go, have a nice day, when I know or believe something to be false, not right, or ingenuine to what it claims to be.

I struggle with this, it would be easier just to pretend everything was the truth and no one ever lied or conned others to get what they wanted. And when I question or decide my answer is no others may think I’m wrong but I’ve found that doing what’s right is more important than doing what everyone else thinks you should do.

So I left. Me and my friend were talking about loving your neighbor and I told him what had happened and that I struggle with it. He said wait, what did the guy look like? I described him and his story and he said that guy asked him for money. He told him, I can’t give you any money but I can buy you some groceries. He bought him groceries and the guy said you didn’t get any meat? I truly am not bashing this guy but… I wish everything was perfect, I wish the world was a better place, I wish everyone was happy.

I think if I had a million dollars to give the guy, I don’t think it would have been enough for him to find what he was looking for. What about you, would a million dollars be enough?


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