God schedule

You can’t schedule God

You can’t put Him in a box

But wait

Maybe you can

For convenience sake you can reduce Him to 60 minutes on Sunday

You can write Him into the program

8 minutes for announcements

18 minutes for 3 songs

3 minutes for the offering hymn

9 minutes for church business

25 minutes for the message from the word

3 minutes for the closing song

2 minutes for the closing prayer

God is in there somewhere

He’s got to be

It’s awesome that we’ve figured out the most convenient time efficient way to pay Him homage

His Spirit, the Holy Spirit that stirs hearts and convicts souls when the truth is shared

It’s astounding that 60 minutes does the trick

Not one minute past 12 is needed

You can’t put Him in a box we say

You can’t make Him adhere to our schedule we agree

No, no, no we say we don’t put Him in a box

A box just isn’t big enough

But a building

That’s a little different

It’s a bit bigger

Opens at 11 on Sunday

Lock the doors 60 minutes later

That’s where God can be found

If you want to follow Him that’s the place to be

Are you kidding

Are you serious

Are you honest

No, we don’t put Him in a box

Even if the program went 10 minutes over it wouldn’t bother us at all

Cause we’re there for God

It works really well

Look around…


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