Sinners. Are you one? It is sinners that are in need of a Savior. Sinners are in need of being free. Sinners are in need of forgiveness. I am a sinner, I need to be rescued.

Jesus is the One whom sinners need. He is the Savior who offers freedom and forgiveness and new life. True life.

I wonder if the ones sitting in a church on Sunday are the ones who need a Savior. Or have they found Him already?

The ones who need Him are the ones who don’t have Him. Whether in church or out I reckon. Have you found Him, have you been forgiven, have you been rescued? Have you met someone who has found Him? If you ever do I believe it would be easy to tell that they have been forgiven and set free, rescued.

So many are bound in sin and dragged deeper by it’s dark thorny cords. It can be denied with words but by just looking around, anywhere really, it is clearly seen.

Sin has it’s hold on the hearts of men and women. It doesn’t matter where we’re from or if we wear the finest suit or the shabbiest rags, it runs through our blood and pulls us deeper into it’s grips. Further from the Savior, farther from the One who can rescue us.

Some are fine without the Savior. Many count it enough to pay Him some kind of homage one hour a week. Numerous say they have been rescued, one time or another, maybe it’s not easy to tell. The world we live in says they have been set free by Christ. Is it so?

I wish outward appearances reflected inner truths. But I think they do.

For those who are seeking a real Savior, Jesus is the One. Seek Him while He may be found.


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