Christian band

I love music. I can’t play or sing but still I do. More than music I love Jesus. So of course music about Jesus I enjoy. I started wondering about Christian bands a while ago. How does a band get labeled or classified Christian other than saying they are? I’m not sure.

In my wondering what I found most interesting are the songs that Christian bands sing. Songs that never mention Christ or refer to God. Of course maybe I missed the subtelties and don’t understand that when you represent Christ that it’s okay not to actually make the focus about Him. Because of course when people find out that a band is Christian that classification says it all and the lyrics aren’t really that important.

Like I said I don’t know how a band gets the label Christian. Maybe they play in the church choir or youth group so that automatically makes them a Christian band. No matter the lyrics. Of course you don’t want to offend people. And Christ is all about love.. it’s weird that people need a whole bible, John 3:16 is all we really need anyway right. But doesn’t it say something about Christ being offensive?

Maybe the members of the band go to church so that’s the defining factor in their band being Christian. Maybe their not Christian at all but church is a must for them and their church friends expect them to be a Christian band.

It’s okay for Christ to be left out it seems. It’s crazy though, a Christian band with talent and a microphone and not even a thought to let the listeners hear or think about Christ.

I hear very popular songs and someone will say they are a Christian band and they are excited to tell me that. And the words on the whole album or even in the album bio never mention Christ. I don’t understand I guess. But sadly I do.

Christian band I bet if you knew Christ you’d have at least one song that was about Him.


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