Funny man

You ever go to a church service and it seems the preacher’s main objective is to get you and everyone else there laughing? Laughing is a wonderful thing, it loosens everyone up usually.

How is it where you attend church? When the speaker takes the stage are jokes a big part of his message?

I like laughing  but when I think about it it makes me wonder.

Here I am, or you, we get ready and go to church on Sunday. And Mr. funny man takes the stage. I know, I’m so negative right, so narrow minded?

My cadrundum is this: I’m at church, the preacher keeps the jokes coming, he only stays on stage for 30 to 45 minute. Jokes and laughs are fun, but this man supposedly has the answer and the knowledge of life, eternal life. He went to school for many years to be qualified for this job. (It is a job isn’t it?) He gets paid well to take the stage every week. He keeps the audience laughing. I agree that we all need to laugh. But I would think the preacher would be in touch with his world and realize that obviously the people that gather to listen to him speak to them every week are hurting and struggling and maybe even lost, in need of the truth.  He has the answers, doesn’t he?

He certainly has jokes. I find it rather sad. Life goes on, he makes his living, Sunday after Sunday passes.  It’s not all his fault I guess. Many times the preacher just gives the people what they want. But there might be the problem, when we usually get what we want instead of what we need it is not good for us at all.

A preacher though, supposedly one that brings the truth. But the truth is offensive, so of course that must be a hard job. Not really if he isn’t telling the truth. The truth that people need. But he’s got some good jokes. And he’s a nice man. Very pleasant to be around. But… a friend that could tell you the truth, yet they don’t, and they get paid for it? Nice?

Jesus on the cross to save sinners from death and to offer us eternal life and hope and answers, the truth. Is that what church is about for an hour on Sunday? Hopefully there’s time for a few jokes. Maybe if the jokes stopped attendance would go down. Or maybe it would rise.


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