Have you seen this religion? Circus

Have you seen this religion? It’s the one where people act crazy. I know, I just described myself and almost everyone you know right. But let me try to narrow it down for you.

It’s the one where people take a verse from the Bible and start proclaiming it and claiming that it means everything but what it actually does. Very simply the verse supposedly means that you can have everything your heart desires. Have you seen that religion?

The one verse, one sentence with such magical power is the ticket to this religions core beliefs. It’s not called self-centered ism but it should be because this religion is all about what the person can get. Have you seen this religion?

The one verse proclamation is most interesting. The one verse used is taken from the Bible which has 66 different books. The verse might be taken from a single book with 55 chapters. The verse might be taken from a single chapter with 60 different verses. But out of all of the hundreds and thousands of words that the Bible has to say, the person grabs the one verse and boasts that they know and understand what it means.

The one sentence might only have 6 words. Those 6 words are the proclamation and the whole foundation of the person proclaiming what they are going to get, what they are promised, what they deserve and God is thrown in there too to make this whole show seem legitimate. The 6 words have dozens of words before them and dozens of words after them. What do they say? No one knows and no one cares. The 6 words are all that needs to be spewed when someone needs something. Have you seen this religion?

The kind of things people shout these words for like a crazy person are endless. Basically anything the person wants. From health, if the person has a headache they spew these words for their headache to go away. From a new car, a new house, a new job, these 6 words somehow assure people that whatever they desire is on the way.

The most favorite target for people to get with these 6 words are money, money, money. Yes that dirty paper that we all weary ourselves trying to get. People already want money but these 6 words assure and make it okay for this religion to focus in on it too.

Have you seen this religion? They assure you they are representing God and that He would never want them to suffer in any way, He would definitely want them to have as much money as they wanted, I mean needed. Because of course if you are representing God then He wants you to be rich, cause money is everything. That’s what Jesus died for isn’t it. Have you seen this religion?

This religion gets even better. There are schools that those who love this religion of getting your hearts desires can go to. They teach you what the 6 words mean and you can become an expert and help others see the wonderfulness of the 6 words too. There are even whole books written on what these 6 words mean.  You can learn things like to get God’s blessing you need to give money back to Him. Of course how you do that is by going to the best church every week and putting money in a plate with everyone else. Where the money goes after that.. well.. It usually goes to the religions leader. This religions leader and ones like it are easy to spot, they are usually the one on the stage screaming and shouting and laughing and teaching his followers the wonderful meanings of these 6 word sentences and making sure that the money is collected every week.

For the particular religion that I used as an example for this story it was easy to google and find information on its leader for the past 20 years. Wherever he goes the laughter and the money and his followers are always there. He always has the newest cars and the fittest mansion and the sharpest suits. The thing about google though, it also revealed much about how scheming and maniputalive and money driven the leader of this religion is.

But people love him, he’s just wonderful. And of course he needs the money that his followers bring every week for the cars and the house and everything his heart desires because if he teaches his followers that with 6 words that you can have it all then he obviously needs to live that lifestyle so his followers believe in the wonderful message he’s selling. His followers faithfully provide for their leader. So many followers buy into his dream of greed and yet never realize that it pays off for no one but their leader.

But the show goes on every week and many go to get their fix. Money, health, possessions, the finest of everything. I guess those are the things that bring peace to the soul and closeness with God.

The saddest thing to me is that I would believe it common sense to know that if one found God that He alone would be enough. But when theirs money involved and empty souls that will try to fill up with everything they desire, everything except God, I see that common sense is not needed or desired to follow such a religion and leader who promises you everything that you want. This world is already about money, crazy that people would make that a selling point of their religion. People love it though.

Misery loves company but I don’t want none of that dirty money. People build these religions in the name of God and grossly use Jesus death on the cross to make what they’re doing seem like it’s about God instead of what it is actually about, themselves.

If you go to one of their performances it can get a little.. crazy. The leader on stage shouting and pointing his finger and getting his followers fired up about what “God” is going to bless them with. People start laughing uncontrollably, others fall and lay on the ground, or as they call it “slain in the spirit.” Usually the leader will read a sentence that he wants to teach you about and get you fired up over. There’s excitement in the meeting, people jumping and shouting and fainting and laughing and being amazed at the wonderful performance  that their leader is giving them.

People can do what they want and follow who they want, but to say this three ringed circus is from God is what I say no to. People can pretend that their big show every week is about God but anyone that cares to use the common sense that God gave them would clearly see that this self-centered religion has nothing to do with God. Have you seen this religion?

It’s goes even deeper than the few details I’ve shared. Many will always be fine with this self-centered self-seeking man made religion and believe that their leader that teaches them to faithfully give their money every week is a gift from above. This religion and its followers are no different than many of us in the world who go after money and seek everything we want at the cost of others and ourselves. They have just made a club and use God’s name in it to try and disguise their greedy hearts and to make it seem like it’s okay.

Who am I and what do I know and I have no right to share something that offends people right. Well, if people want to act crazy at the circus, I have no problem with that. But when people act crazy at the circus and say they are all about Jesus and God, I will not be silent.

If what I said doesn’t describe your club, you have no reason to be mad. If what I said does describe your club and you think it’s wonderful then you have no reason to be mad.

If this story is fiction, enjoy. If this story is true, why be mad at someone for sharing the truth?


When you add to that, it’s no longer Jesus.

Money, He did not die to make people rich. Health, He did not die so people would never get the flu. Cars and houses, He did not die to ensure that people can get the newest model car and the fanciest house.

Jesus died to save people from their sins. So sad that these types of religious clubs main attraction is promising its followers all of their sinful desires. Even though these clubs use Jesus name they are the very opposite of Christ. Jesus can set people free. These clubs set no one free, they burden their followers with more of their sinful desires. All in the name of Christ. These clubs, anti-Christ.

Jesus died to save us from our sins. But with these clubs that isn’t enough.

Jesus, is He enough for you? Is He enough for me? If He’s not there are plenty of religious clubs that will make you feel right at home, no matter your style and no matter what you’re looking for. And plenty of club leaders for you to choose from. But what will it cost you? That is the question. And what will you get in return? A good show that pumps you up for sure.

Have you seen that religion? Jesus isn’t the leader. Look at the lives of those who flock to listen to the words of their leader, they speak for themselves.

Jesus is coming back. If you are interested in finding Him, I highly recommend staying away from the religious circus clubs that operate on business hours.

God help me. A sincere prayer.


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