Jesus is coming back

Jesus said that He was coming back. Do I live like He is? Probably not. If I supposedly am a follower of His and supposedly believe that He could be back when I least expect it, like a thief in the night, why isn’t my life more about that? Good question.

More than once He warned, be on the look out, when you least expect it, be ready, like a thief in the night. So what’s my deal? Aren’t I a Christian? Maybe my problem is now a days being a Christian is one thing, and following Jesus is another thing. My problem is I say I’m a Christian and think that counts for everything even when I honestly have no time to really follow Jesus like He said I should. Well yeah I put in my hour on Sunday but I’m over pretending that’s what it means to follow Him.

He’s coming back. Why I feel no urgency about that is a sad scary thing. How’s He gonna find me living when He returns or when my life here is over? I’m not sure but I hope it’s more about Him than it is now. I say I hope but who’s choice is it every time I choose not to make Him Lord of my life? My choice, nobody’s fault but my own. Yes the Sunday game has made it real easy to say yep I’m a Christian, check my church attendance record, but still my fault. Just because everyone else is cool with it doesn’t mean I can use it as an excuse.

Jesus is coming back. I have time for everything that is about me, but Jesus can wait, always He’s never number one in my life. Just wait Jesus, I only have one life to live, I’ll get with you on Sunday. Meeting starts at 11 right? And out by 12? It’s an hour, not too bad. But do I think that religious ritual is what He really asks of me? But Sunday, yeah.

I know He’s coming back. Why have I gotten so comfortable in this world?

The question isn’t is He coming back or when He’s coming back. The question is is it important to me that He’s coming back? Well if I say I’m a Christian then I say oh yes of course it’s important to me. But if you look at my life, I don’t know. Actions speak louder than words right?

Jesus is coming back. He’s not going around giving out get into Heaven cards no matter what, I know that’s how a lot of people live but He’s not. He died to save and forgive sinners of which I surely am. He offers eternal life. He is real. I’m trying to be ready, it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. I hope your trying to be ready too. Two or three are stronger than one. Pray for me.


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