What hell is this?

What kind of hell would you like to go to? I mean if you had a choice. I don’t think we are given a choice though. Jesus said it is a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. And a place where the worm never dies. I don’t have any desire to go there.

I’m wrong right to talk about this? The Jesus you know about, He might be real. But isn’t he all love all the time? Maybe that’s not the Jesus you know or hear about, but it very possibly is. Because that is the most popular and least offensive Jesus that’s widely shared and believed in. Is he real? Do you know him? You tell me.

Jesus said blessed is he who does not take offense at me. If this is the Jesus that just smiles and is there for me no matter what, the Jesus who just loves me so much that he would never dare even mention the word sin to me because supposedly he doesn’t judge, he just loves so much, why would I be offended at this Jesus? This Jesus who is all about me and my life and is there to let me into Heaven at the end of my life, of course I’m cool with him and am not offended by him at all. It’s so weird though that he would mention being offended by him. He’s got my ticket, I’m not offended.

He’s just so loving. He might have been cooler to talk less about hell though. That’s not cool at all. Obviously not. Why do you think it’s never talked about? Not cool, unacceptable, politically incorrect. I wonder if people would be offended if I talked about hell? Probably so. So of course the best  choice is not to mention it. Especially in relation to Jesus.

It’s a weird thing. Jesus loves everybody all the time no matter what. He’s the answer to all their hopes and dreams. And he’s not offensive at all. You know him? He’s the one that we hardly have to think about in this life unless we get down and out or need something. You know him? If you don’t know him trust me you know someone who does. He’s the one that sends no one to hell and lets everyone in Heaven. Well everyone of course except those that did those really bad things, but everyone else is good.

You know him? He loves me and everything’s wonderful. He won’t keep me out of Heaven for merely ignoring him while I lived my one life here and now.

Hell. Hmm. If there’s one Heaven and Jesus is there, it’s probably gonna be kind of akward for those of us that never really took the time to know him. He said something about that, but I think it’s pretty offensive so I won’t tell you. If you’re interested in it it won’t be hard for you to find. But it might be easier just not to think about it.

I don’t know if popular Jesus is real or not. I personally don’t know him. The Jesus that I do know, (not hardly enough) the One that I read about, He talked about Hell. He talked about some serious sensitive topics. He was honest. Do we really think He was crucified on a tree for going and just loving everybody and telling them everything was and was going to be wonderful?

He talked about Hell, and Heaven. Heaven is the one we hear about, the one that everyone goes to. Jesus said people go to Hell. I believe Him. I don’t understand everything about it and I know it offends many, but I’m not offended by Jesus.

He said He’s the way to Heaven. He talked about sin. I’m a sinner, everybody is. Offensive. But I will much rather bow down to King Jesus than to follow after popular jesus and at the end of my life throw my hands up and act dumb and be like, ‘what happened?’

Everybody got jesus. Everybody going to Heaven. Nobody going to Hell. Look around you, you know it’s not true. But it’s offensive and everybody acts like it’s true so we go along with it too.

Jesus said He was coming back. He is coming back. People will go to Heaven. People will go to Hell. One Heaven, Jesus will be there. Something to think about.

I’m planning on Heaven, I promise you the only hope I have of getting there is Jesus. But for those that say nah I got it figured out and I’ll worry about that when the day comes, why would you say no thanks Jesus? I know we all got sin issues but what is there really that’s so wonderful that you would say I’ll stick with popular jesus, that other Jesus that talks about sin and hell was crucified because of it, I don’t need Him? Everything you seek after and live for in this world, is it really that amazing and fulfilling that you would give up everything including Heaven for it?

When I look around and I see what people including myself go after in this world and what it does to our lives and how temporal and fake and unsatisfying it is, I gotta say no thanks, I’m gonna bow to King Jesus. If the only option is what I see around me, no way. But why do we choose everything (nothing) over Jesus? There’s probably more than a few reasons, but let me know which one is a better option than Jesus.

Let me tell you the simplest reason why I choose Jesus. And when I say jesus I’m not talking about the one that everybody and their uncle goes to see on Sunday.  But the reason I choose Jesus, simply: He’s real. Think about the reasons we ignore Him or don’t take two seconds to seek Him, how real are those reasons and what do they offer?

I wish that everyone would go to Heaven. But truthfully then it might be hell. But I hope that you and me will be there. But if you choose to say no thanks, I’m sorry to say okay, but I’m not changing my mind. I’m going with Jesus.

Jesus is offensive, and I will follow Him. What about you?


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