Football?? Maybe. Maybe no

Not everyone’s a football fan. That’s okay because this story may not be about football at all. But one time not long ago there was this team that everyone loved, of course except those who hated it.

They were the best, they won every game, even when they lost. Many can’t understand that, but the team did.

Time slowly passed, things slowly changed. Slowly but surely. The team started not winning so much, but it was okay because the fans loved them no matter what. They showed up every Sunday and cheered their heart out win or lose.

They used to practice almost every day, way back when. They got a new coach. Time slowly passed, and another new coach. Practice became less important. Maybe that’s why they stopped winning so much.

Their coach was paid well, he had a lot to do. Slowly practice became a meeting and on the field training was frowned upon. Why this team was fine not winning ever at all anymore was a strange mysterious thing. But they went to everyone of their scheduled meetings. They watched film, talked about the keys of football and how they could beat the opposing team. But they seemed to forget that talk was just talk and with no practice there could be no victory.

Coach would always give a good speech and share good knowledge about football, he certainly was well educated on the subject. Crazy thing happened sometime back though that the team seemed to not notice or if they did notice they seemed to be okay with it. Coach found it easier to copy a speech that had been given by other coaches to his players rather than speaking from his heart.

Years passed on and the team stayed the same, always talking of victory on the field at their meetings but never finding another win. Coach gave his copied speeches every week never finding the need to tell his players anything from the heart or anything from his own experiences. It did make one or two players wonder how important the sport was actually to him if he never felt the need for honesty.

The losing seemed not to matter much, more and more fans would come every Sunday to watch their losing team. So many fans in fact that the team needed to build a newer bigger stadium. The fans were glad to pay for a new stadium and to pay to watch their team every week. The stadium was so beautiful and comfortable, the fact that the team lost every week didn’t matter at all.

Getting the team to play in this stadium every week and making the fans happy was no easy job. Coach needed more money, he deserved it. And his plagiarized speeches weren’t that big a deal, he had a lot to take care of during the week, like.. well I’m not so sure what but he sure was busy at the stadium all the time. And the players, most of them, liked his speeches. They didn’t help with winning games but they were really easy to listen to.

Fans kept showing up, it was a strange mysterious thing. They loved their team, lose or lose. They were happy for sure it seemed.

Every so often one or two would speak up and say something like: hey this is nice on Sunday and all, the stadium is beautiful and has something for all, but the mystery I would like to know, the money every week where does it go, I mean I don’t really need to know, but do you think we might start practice and have a few less meetings, maybe start to care if we win a game or two.

That’s about as much as anyone could ever say, because the fans you see would defend their team no matter the truth. They loved being comfortable no matter the cost and they would reject any one or two who dared raise any simple question. And even more than the team they wouldn’t tolerate a single soul who might question their coach. He was the best coach ever and deserved every dollar he got, after all he had given them this beautiful stadium and they could meet here to watch their team on Sundays. Don’t question the coach, he’s an expert in football.

I’m not sure if your wondering but yes I used to cheer for the team too.  But I had to face the truth. It wasn’t an easy thing. But ever since I stopped pretending that team was everything, well I see things a bit clearer now.

Do I have another favorite team? Yes I do. No they don’t win every game, but they win a few. They take time to practice and they do their best. If they lose a game they don’t pretend it’s okay, they try harder and prepare to play. They are honest and admit their mistakes. Their fans, they have a few. Ones that care if they win or lose.  And their stadium, it’s not the best, but when they take the field, I know that’s what counts. They play their hearts out.

That other team, how are they? Well, they stay the same. They work hard to keep their stadium ready for Sunday and coach he’s still there. Interestingly one of his players and a few of his fans found out he copied his speeches from the internet and they stopped going to the stadium and cheering for his team. He never seemed to miss them though, there were always new players and new fans showing up at the stadium on Sundays. But more and more there were also more fans that left the stadium and never came back and never believed in the team again. No one seemed to notice, they would go Sunday after Sunday and smile at their team, lose or lose they were comfortable. How could they not be in such a beautiful stadium?

Yes a strange and mysterious thing. But I say, not so mysterious to those who decided winning a few was more important than being comfortable.

I wrote this a while ago. Sometimes I think it’s entertaining and sometimes I don’t. I hope that it found you wondering, thinking.



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