It can’t be about the pizza

It’s crazy I tell you.  I just lost my best friend. We’ve been friends for years and I would have put money on nothing ever changing that. But you never know, as I obviously found out today.

Check this out, we were hanging out and decided to go and get some food. A pizza place. He ordered pepperoni, I got plain cheese. We’re eating and he says, “You know it’s proven that pepperoni pizza is much better than cheese right?”

I just laughed. “Yeah sure I saw that news story, but I like cheese.”

“No really, pepperoni is a better choice, and if you keep choosing cheese it shows your ignorance.”

I laugh again while enjoying my pizza. “Really?? Well I guess I’ll have to disagree with you on that study.”

“It’s not a study, it’s a fact and it’s not funny.” He seemed serious and aggravated.

“Whatever man, I’m just trying to eat some food.”

“I can’t believe you disagree with me on the facts, cheese pizza is the wrong choice. You can’t think that’s good and be using your brain at the same time.”

“Man, come on, you’re really serious about me having to think pepperoni is better in order to think I have any sense?”

“Yes I’m serious, you have a brain use it.”

“Wow, you have a brain too, but it doesn’t seem to be hearing the words that are coming out of your mouth. I like cheese pizza and you don’t, so what?”

“I’ll tell you so what, I can’t talk to you anymore. If you change your mind and see the truth about pepperoni then maybe we can be friends, but if not then forget it because I don’t have time or energy to spend on people that disagree with me.”

“Wow dude, really? Wow. That’s a shame. I still wanna be your friend but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.  Represent your pepperoni pizza and what not and too bad for anyone who’s allergic to pepperoni.”

Isn’t it sad that when we disagree with someone that we’d rather not be around them. When someone disagrees with us we should look past those opinions, of course much easier said than done. When someone disagrees it makes us uncomfortable, but it our view is solid then why worry or feel uncomfortable? On the other hand if our view is incorrect and challenged then it’d be easier not to face someone with different views.

I like any kind of pizza as long as there are no mushrooms. Oh well.


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