Coconut flavored Christianity

I was taking a shower and smelled the coconut flavor shampoo. There are coconut flavored foods, drinks candles and more. And when you taste and smell them you know that this is coconut flavored. The shampoo was, I didn’t even have to look at the bottle, you just know that flavor that you’ve known for a long time.

But I realized, I know what actual coconut tastes and smells like. And it’s nothing like what we’ve been taught and sold. But if we don’t know, and we buy coconut flavored shampoo over and over, when we smell it we say yes that’s coconut flavored. Coconut flavor makes sales but it’s not really coconut, it’s artificial.

Christianity seems to be artificially flavored too. It’s called or flavored “Christianity” but does that make it so? How many Christian denominations are there? And why so many? It seems acceptable that Christianity would be based on Christ. In other words Christ should be the foundation of Christianity.

You might buy coconut shrimp because it tastes good, and you may not mind that it’s not actually what it says because you like it. But is your Christianity suitable for you even if Christ might not be your foundation?

True, whatever one might be looking for, whatever flavor, it can be offered in the name of Christ. And that’s what’s politically correct these days, do what works for you and if anyone questions the contradictions then they are just judging.

So, if there’s a Baptist church on this street, a Methodist church one street down, a Prespetyrian church around the way, and any other denomination you can think of within walking distance, is there one more right than the rest? If yes, then that’s the one we would want to be attending right? And if not then why are there so many?

If all the Christian churches in a neighberhood near you are focused and built on Christ, why are they apart? If any of them are built on Christ, why aren’t they saying hey this Sunday let’s get together with our brothers and sisters at that other church, it’s real close, we can walk there?

And if no one at your church is questioning why you only meet with those who meet at your building every Sunday and why you are fine with that, then maybe your church is the best and on the right track.

Crazy thing, I bet that some do believe that. But for those that can still be honest and still care about the honest truth every now and then, we know that the simple fact that we do our own thing is because we are about us. And either we are okay with that or hopefully it does bother us and we begin asking questions and stop pretending that our church is the bomb and the way to life and to Heaven.

So, if this fact that we are fine even though we have no interest in our brother next door is true, wouldn’t you think that those who are the leaders of a church would notice this inconsistent Christian practice and be interested in getting us on the right path? No they have no interest, because everything is fine, isn’t it? And what is their interest? Well, they are leading us, in Christ name. Show up every week, do what you do, and you’re good. If everything wasn’t good or true your Pastor woulda let you known, right?

Who is the leader of your church anyway? You know, it’s supposed to be Christ. And now that that’s been said we say yeah yeah Christ is the leader at my church. But if were to be a little bit honest we’d wonder why the leader of our church looks very little like Christ.

The most amazing thing isn’t that this is true and hardly anyone ever questions it. The most amazing thing is that it is true and that we are fine with it. And why is that?

Well, you know, it’s good enough, it can get me to Heaven, and I can still do my thing, my time is precious to me. And, the church gossip is so sweet, and I even found ways around it actually being gossip. And actually, I do a lot of things Jesus actually said not to do, but my Pastor is cool, he never calls me on it. He doesn’t judge, he just loves me, Sunday mornings. Because being accepted is more important than the truth. You gotta support someone like that. I try not to think about the fact that I’m just as unsatisfied as most others. I really don’t want to think about how little my life actually is about Christ. Honestly, I know Christ very little, if at all. I especially don’t want to think about that my church friends are just like me and that we supposedly are taught and live by the Bible. But I go on Sundays, I hope I make it. Honestly, it’s a little bit scary. Well, honestly, more than a little bit. The scariest thing that I fight thinking about is that I know that God is no fool.

Harsh isn’t it? Well, I could treat you like others do and avoid serious topics. Pretend everything’s all peachy and coconut flavored. I could be real fake with you. But there’s plenty of fake out there. I don’t like when my feelings are hurt, but who does? But I appreciate the bitter truth over a sweet lie any day. And I dearly appreciate those who are painfully honest when it comes to life changing topics, especially Christ.

The ones that love you enough to tell you the truth that might make you angry are the ones that actually care about you. Those that never tell you anything that might upset you, just how much do they care about you? I can’t answer that.

I do know that everyone going to church isn’t on the wrong path, some are honestly seeking Christ. But I have no apologies about not watering this down or not making it a little sweeter.

Whatever flavor you enjoy, try to be honest with yourself. And there is hope, but only in Christ. And He is not into artificial flavoring. He’s into REAL.


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