Gossip Tree

One thing Brian liked about this town was that there was hardly any gossip at all. He knew people talked a little, but not like other places that thrived on the latest gossip or on keeping old lies and slanders alive. This town was different, about half of its residents went to church on Sunday. That fact right there assured him that gossip was unacceptable at least to a big majority in this beautiful town.

He shook his head as he left the post office and walked down the sidewalk. Just waiting a few minutes in line to mail a package, people have nothing better to do than talk about others. And not just talk about them but to talk about them badly.

“Wow,” why do people find such delight in telling others any and everything negative about someone else? Like there’s nothing in their own lives that they should be embarrassed about if others talked about. And people have time to do this. Maybe because their own lives are so lacking. Or so awful that their biggest delight is thinking about others shortcomings so they don’t have to think about their own? Who knows.

One thing was for sure though Brian thought, if gossip was a sin no one in this town seemed to care. Or maybe they’d found a way around it. “Delusional,” that’s what they are. No, in denial. Or they just don’t care. I guess it’s not that big of a deal he thought. But it really is, I mean, all of these churches are full on Sunday. What do they talk about? Shouldn’t the message of Jesus change the way people live their lives? Not perfect but just feeding on gossip without a blink, is that what Jesus followers look like now days? I guess so.

“No,” he walked on. Christians maybe. Plenty church, that can’t be denied. But which is more important, Jesus, or the latest gossip? Well of course the proof is in the pudding, but it’s nothing to worry about right.

“Crazy,” why isn’t anyone worried about this tragedy. Thinking about how everyday gossip had become acceptable and normal made him sad. On one level it didn’t always bother him so much because he could accept live and let live to a certain point and if people were so miserable that they had to tear others down then okay. But what made him sad beyond everything was not that they found it fine, but that they had Jesus on the side, and gossip on the tongue. And it was okay.

“It’s not okay,” not perfect, but come on. Jesus on the cross, if people represent that shouldn’t it make some kind of difference in… I guess I’m just too judgmental. But he died for my sins so that makes gossip okay? And not just okay but a very big part of my life? “Wow,” if it meant anything to me that He died for my sins wouldn’t I at least maybe try to gossip less. It should break people’s hearts every time they justify gossiping about others. How could I ever get to a place where I’m following Jesus and representing Him and going to church every Sunday and gossiping doesn’t make me repent.

He walked on. I don’t know. But I do know that it’s not acceptable even if everyone says that it is. Jesus and gossip go hand in hand. Nope. Nope. That’s a different Jesus, the wrong one. Sad though that others think  he’s the right one. I don’t know. I just know that something is very wrong, very sick, very twisted, very common, very okay. “I don’t know.”


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