Asteroid Jane

Did you see the recent news coverage of asteroid Jane going ten thousand miles an hour coming within twenty thousand miles of planet earth? Yes it was a close call and you should be thanking your whoever that it wasn’t even closer because it could have been closer and you might have seen a better video of a dot wizzing by us.

But I think no matter what we would have been okay. If asteroid Jane would have hit earth at ten thousand miles an hour we would have been destroyed but we wouldn’t have known it. But if it would have just skimmed us and messed up our iphone service and we had survived, that would have been tragic.

Can you imagine what we would have to endure if our mobile coverage would have been disabled maybe more than ten minutes? I don’t believe in war but trust me, if asteroid Jane would have messed with our network we would have found her and took her out. She would have known better than even thinking of zooming by our planet ever again.

But thankfully for her and for us she didn’t interrupt our twitter or our Instagram or mother facebook.

I’m not sure where asteroid Jane is going but I hope that she has safe travels and stops passing by planets so closely. If she slows down a little she might see something she’s never seen before. But then again she might be in such a hurry because she knows something that the rest of us don’t. I wonder what it could be.

Asteroid Jane wherever you end up we probably will never know and everything that you see would surely set our minds a blaze and what you could teach us we might not even care about but at least we got to see you for a minute.

I’m sorry to say that we probably have forgotten about you already. But a few people are talking about you on my iphone. If you had time to slow down and look us up on facebook you’d see that we are really nice.


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