He just loves Christ too much

He’s pretty cool.

The only thing though, he takes his faith in God too serious.

Everything else, he’s fine.

But his faith in Christ, he takes it too personal.

I understand being a Christian, I’m one too.

But he takes it to heart, I don’t understand him.

Going to church is good, I go every week.

Everybody needs faith, but him, give me a break.

It’s not that serious.

We are all Christians aren’t we.

We go to church every week, I don’t need to talk about it.

It works well, it’s an hour,it never runs late, it’s what Christians do.

It keeps us close to God, I think.

Should we even be talking about this Christian stuff outside of church, what’s the point.

Honestly it makes me uncomfortable to talk about, and we have a lot of other stuff to talk about anyway.

Church Christian stuff is for church, that’s why we go there, duh.

I think I know what his problem is though, he just loves Christ too much.


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