I’m not that Christian

My Christianity isn’t that big a deal

I dress up on Sunday

Devote 1 hour to meeting with other Christians

We sing songs

Listen to a preacher

Collect money

Say a closing prayer

Talk about sports

Go to lunch

And get on with my week

That is not a big deal

You get upset when I’m honest

But what else should I be but true

The problem isn’t the problem

Because we like it the way it is

We say we are Christian

But what does that mean

You know the truth of it

But deny it if you will

The truth don’t matter

Because that hour counts for something

And most around you won’t question either

Because they’ve settled just like you

You can call it whatever you like

And claim whatever you wish

It’s just so sad to me

That you insist on calling it Christianity

You say we all struggle

Well yes we do

You say none of us are perfect

I agree with you

But I’m tired of excuses

He died on the cross

Keep making excuses

I will not

We’re all in the same boat

No we are not

I jumped out of your ship

And I won’t be back

You’re a Christian

What does that mean

You know the truth

Feel free to deny

Open the church on Sunday

And pay your tithes to…

When you say Christ

I don’t know him

The one you claim between 11 and 12

I’m not perfect

I’m the worst

I need Christ

But the pretty little game that people have stamped his name on

Enjoy if you like

You know the truth

I will not pretend that it’s fine with me

Most are fine

That’s Okay

But be aware

That there are more than a few

That know the lie

And they love Christ true

Christianity is much more than a prayer

That settles a deal with God

That’s not in the Bible

But we like it just fine

The truth who has the time

Maybe I shouldn’t say anything

That would make you glad

But how sad

You’d rather stay the same

Than look at the truth

And let Christ be King

It’s not easy

I know that’s true

But playing with God

Don’t think it’s okay

What does God require

An hour on Sunday

And money to boot

You’ve been lied to

But that’s okay

You make the choice

To keep it that way

Just sit back and watch

Week after week

You see the lies

That they say are from God

You know it can’t be real

You have a brain

It is nicer to enjoy the easy way like everyone else

But what about the truth

What about Christ

Will you ever seek Him

Or just keep pretending on Sunday

It’s fine for everyone else

But what about you

Jesus on the cross

If that won’t move you

Your Christianity on Sunday

It has deluded you

Everyone’s a Christian

Just look around

Ra ra ra ra

Sunday morning

It’s going down

What a shame

Closed at 12

Jesus my God

What have we done

What I am

I do not know

But I’m not that Christian

You used to know

I’m the worst

I love Christ

I fail Him every day

But I will not pretend

Jesus on the cross for me

There is no prayer that can settle that

No matter how much you pay someone to teach me

And more and more every day

The truth is what I will not deny

I am not that Christian

But I do love Christ

Whatever that means

Here I am


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