Pray for me

I was at work and I got a text from a friend with three simple words: Pray for me.  So I started praying for him as best as I could while working.  I didn’t close my eyes, I didn’t stop working, I didn’t pray out loud, but I prayed for him.  I knew that he was struggling and it concerned me.  He trusted me enough or was desperate enough to simply say pray for me.

I know that God hears my prayers.  But how much I neglect taking time to pray is shameful, maybe sinful.  Maybe I pray less because I hardly even know God at all.  It would make sense that if I really did know Him that I wouldn’t have such a difficult time praying  and that taking the time to pray on a regular basis shouldn’t be difficult for me.  And then mainly only before meals or when I need help, a hand from God.  I wonder what God thinks of me treating Him like that.

I would say that I’m a Christian, I understand as much as I can the price that Jesus paid for me.  My faith in Christ I wouldn’t trade for anything, anything.  But is it okay how much I’ve made that faith a 911 card and a walk through life and no matter what I’m good with God card?

As long as I prayed that one prayer that one time then everything else in my life is acceptable and if my life has little time for prayer and no time for God other than a scheduled routine then I guess that’s okay.  I think that kind of faith is no faith at all, and it does me or no one else any good.  Even if it made me feel better about myself what good can a lie benefit me in the end?  If I’m a Christian but know very little of God in my life then me being a Christian seems as valuable as buying a lottery ticket, maybe in the end I’ll hit the jackpot.

I’m sure I’m not the only one; my loved ones have difficult times and need prayer.  People that I meet through life are struggling and hurting and need prayer.  I’m working on being more faithful In prayer and seeking to know and live for God in a more honest way rather than in a religious step abc way.

But if my friends and family that need prayer are counting on me, it’s a serious thing and I need to stop taking it lightly like as long as I throw a few words up then I can move on.

By observation I’ve learned that prayer is asked for in times of need.  But as I walk through life and call myself a Christian I’m asking myself why don’t I think that I need God all the time?  And if I was honest and brave enough to admit that yes as a Christian I do need God all the time then I have to admit that until I start making prayer more important than most other things in my life then truthfully God is less important than most other things in my life.  What a delusional place to be as a Christian, a place where I’ve become comfortable with the ritual and have little time for truly seeking Christ and yet I tell myself it’s okay and that thirty minutes on Sunday will suffice.

But I know it’s not true and knowing God like that is not knowing Him at all.  I thank God that He is patient and waits for me, but I pray that I don’t take His patience for granted and look at the cross as a ticket.

Pray for me.  We hear those words and how often instead of praying we decide to investigate, we spend so much time trying to get every little detail on the situation.  Instead of just praying.  If I took the time that I listened to and talked about what I’m supposed to be praying for, maybe I would actually know God a little more than I do.  When someone asks me to pray for them or for someone else and the first thing I do is start asking questions, what are the chances that I’m actually going to take the time to pray for them?  I know, it’s sad. But I am working on it.

If I took the time I used to make excuses and defend myself then I would have time enough to start seeking God and praying for others.  I am thankful for those that take the time to pray for me and I need to start honestly praying for others more than I do.  I need to stop looking at prayer as an option card and look at it as a privilege to know Christ.  Prayer needs to become an obligation to me if I want to say I’m a Christian.  I say I love Jesus, but when I have no time for Him in prayer, how much do I really love Him?  And if I’m a Christian with no obligation to Christ apart from the popular ritual, I hope I’m honest enough not to put my hope in that lotto ticket.

God said I will seek Him and find Him when I search for Him with all my heart.  If I convince myself that I can do that without prayer being a crucial part of my life, then maybe I should stop wondering why I don’t know Him even a fraction as much as I know I should.


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