Opposite of Heaven

Oh that Christ would come back
This world would go to hell in a hand basket
How sad that would be
I promise you this Christian faith isn’t the gurantee everyone makes it to be
There’s no free ticket
There’s no god who just accepts whatever we decide
He is real I know that
But who we’ve made him to be is a mockery
I can’t be perfect
I’m the worst
But I know that honesty He sees true
But every day lies why do I expect Him to pretend with me
If I play Him for a fool
Why isn’t it my fault when I have to pay the price
He offers me life
And I say no thanks I got my ticket I’ll see you when my life is over
Jesus I got you on Sunday let me live my life on Monday
I prayed that prayer I’m secure for sure whether or not I seek God
I know this is how I live
But honestly it doesn’t add up to me
People are paid to convince me that god is all love no matter how I treat him
But I read the Bible and as much as He loves me I promise you He’s no fool
Something happened on the cross
And if that doesn’t change my heart apart from a life long religious routine
I gotta be honest and say God help me but how could I dare even to think that Heaven is waiting for me


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