Christmas less

It’s that time of year when we say Merry Christmas and give gifts

We go to church and hear the verses read about the baby

Last year it seemed the same as this one

But here we go again

New year on the way

Christmas here we go

Christians do it again the same way

Christmas is a special time to remember

December 26th we usually forget

Or is it the 24th after the candles are blown

Christmas isn’t about Jesus

I want my presents

I won’t lie

If Jesus is my King

His birthday is the least that I owe Him

If He’s alive and I call myself one of His

December 25th is just one day out of hundreds

The truth could be that December 25th has little to do with Him

The same as most other days in my life

It’s that time of year when we say Merry Christmas

And like every other day find everything to think about but the Christ

But 1 hour dedicated to Him will suffice

December January February

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

One hour will do

I say He is King

But the truth is in my life I am King

Another year here we go

Stay the same and play the game

1 hour will do

I can fool myself and others

But Christ I am not so sure

But He’s not number one anyway

As long as I’m cool with everyone else

I heard He’s coming back

I read He paid a price

Will it be for me

I’ve been assured that it is

But who can assure me but Him

It’s that time of year when everyone’s happy

Is it because of Christ

I do not know

The truth I read will set me free

Happy lies are enough for many

But this Christmas Christ may I not pretend

Not forget

Not settle

Not accept

The same as the year before and the year before

May a present not be enough to replace you

May a ritual that uses your name not be enough for my life

Christ forgive me

Christ help me

Christ save me

Christ be my heart

December 25th and beyond

1 week and beyond

1 hour and beyond

To Christ

Merry Christmas


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