Unity Whatever

 Let’s have a church service and talk about Christian unity.  Yes this is a joke; a sad joke. There are fifty churches in my neighborhood and the one thing they have in common is they are all separate. They are all about their church. Of course they would say they are all about Christ.

Say whatever you like but Christ isn’t about Christians being separate. Imagine all that could be done for others if churches that were just a few blocks from each other would unite. But they can’t because then it wouldn’t be all about their church anymore. But they are about Christ. Okay.

Deny that as long as a church has been in business whether it be ten years or a hundred years that they are about that church and other churches are not worthy of their time and their mission. I’d like to deny it but there the church sits and I cannot pretend any longer.

What is a church’s mission anyway? Ah yes, it’s all about Christ. How united do I feel with the church members just down the street from me? Well I don’t know them at all. But it’s all about Christ and not about my church and its plans huh?

We are all so united in Christ that if we go to a church for years and then go to another church that we stay united don’t we? If we were ever so united in Christ to begin with what could possibly change that? Going to another church? If that can separate Christians then I can’t deny that we were never in Christ to begin with.

Deny it but if churches separate Christians then there is something wrong with those churches. And not a small something.

We think if someone stops coming to our church that they must be lost because of course our church is the one that’s the place to be. We are all about Christ and all united in Christ. Okay.

I was comfortable at church for a long time. Too long. It was kind of like the food that we love to eat that tastes so good. We know that it’s not good for our health but we don’t care we eat it anyway.

Going to church was more about me than it was about Christ. It was my own fault for thinking that a weekly religious ritual was all that I needed to give God. I know that I’m saved by grace but I’m also smart enough not to pretend any longer that Jesus is going around giving free Heaven passes to people who have little interest or time for Him apart from what church they go to every week.

But it wasn’t all my fault. A church building and a church service is the complete opposite of what Jesus crucifixion is about. I can’t go to church and expect to find Christ when that church is about that church. I know, it’s not the church’s responsibility right? They have no responsibilities.

I have a lot of friends that I went to church with that over time stopped coming. The normal thought was well they just strayed away from Christ. But if the church never gave them Christ then they never left Him. They just stopped coming to church. But the concern is never do they know Christ or not. The main offense is they stopped coming to my or to your church. Christ is never mentioned. But the church is all about Christ and unity. Okay.

But I know it’s not the church’s responsibility. They give them a prayer and encourage them to attend their services every week and that routine equals being a Christian.

That routine separate’s Christians, settles for religion, forgets Christ and assures its members that Christ is the center. It’s antichrist.

Every year before Thanksgiving a few people from a few different churches have a community Thanksgiving service. Not very many from each church show up. If only a small percentage of members from each church showed up the building and parking lot would be overflowing. At this service they talk about and pray about unity in Christ.

Many pastors don’t even show up unless it’s at their church or they have something to read. The message is unity in Christ and pastors, the leaders of our churches, don’t find it important to be there or to have the members of their churches there. But unity in Christ is important to them and their church. Okay.

Church is all about Christ. Nope. Church is all about church and its members are fine with it. It tastes good. Yum yum.

There are plenty of churches in my neighborhood. It’s sad that they are all fine the way they are. Separated. And they would all say they are about unity in Christ. But the last however many years that buildings been there tells the truth even to those who choose to continue pretending.

When Christ comes back He’s not coming for church members He’s coming for His followers. If the biggest evidence in my life that I’m a follower of Him is that I go to a certain church every Sunday for an hour then what a mockery I’ve made of Christ and the price He paid for my soul.

Unity in Christ? Look around. Unless they go to your church it’s not happening. And even then there is no fellowship of Christ or about Christ apart from the scheduled services.

Can you schedule Christianity? Why yes you can. But I promise you can’t treat Christ like a religious ritual and expect Him to eat it up like it’s delicious. But that’s good enough for many.

Christ died on a cross. That’s real.

Church every Sunday? Whatever.


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