I move mountains every day. (Published!)

On my way into work I saw this older man walking in that I try to avoid. And I do because he has no problem sharing with me that if I just had enough faith that I could just get up out of my wheelchair and be fine. And that is so demeaning to me and my faith and that is why I try to avoid him. But honestly over the years more than one person has tried to burden me with that kind of belief and I’ve learned to not let it bother me so much anymore.

And just why does people telling me things like that bother me you might ask? Well I’m glad you asked, I will get to that in a little while.

But like I said I saw this man that would tell me these things. And, he was walking using a crutch. What the heck? Over and over people tell me “God can heal you, just believe, just claim it..” And then they usually quote one Bible verse that has nothing to do with what they are claiming and trying to convince me of.

Thankfuly I read, study, look into, meditate on, discuss, seek, pray about the Bible and what it says and what it means. And usually if someone feels the need to educate me on the Bible and they use it more has a quick fix to everything their heart desires as opposed to using it to learn about and seek a relationship with God then I don’t have a difficult time seeing past their one track motives.

So yes, over the years several have felt the need to share the good news with me that if I had the faith I could be done with the wheelchair. A guy in a wheechair seems to be a easy target for those with these teachings. But I’ve seen them shared with cancer, blindness, needing surgery, people taking medication, and the list goes on.

But what confidence one must have in such a teaching (note that all teaching is not correct or based on truth) just to let a person in a wheelchair, or one being attacked by cancer, just to tell them that if they just believe hard enough that they will be all better. Not insensetive at all is it?

And do I try to let these people know that they could be believing or passing along false untrutful teaching about God and what faith actually is? Well not so much anymore. I did in the past but the response was negative. What could I possibly know right? So these days I don’t say too much when people bring this self seeking kind of thought to me.

What always makes me kind of throw my hands up and question- really???? Is every single one that shares this with me, either has health insurance, goes to the Dr, visits the emergency room, has surgery when needed, takes medication, wears glasses and on and on. Really? Are you serious? Sure am.

It’s easy to tell a crippled person in a wheelchair that they just have to believe. I broke my neck and drowned in the atlantic and my dad was called at work and told I was dead and Dr’s said I was done. And here I am a miracle protected by God and because I’m in a wheelchair some feel the need to educate me about “faith?” Really? A person in a wheelchair should just believe but the person telling them this “good news” wears glasses faithfully? What would be easier to remedy, a broken neck, or blurred vision? Are they blind?

How could someone that on occasion has a cold or the flu or a headache possibly tell a person dealing with cancer that if they just believe it?? How could they? It is beyond me. Where is the heart, where is the compassion, where is the love, where is the careing, where is the thought? What are they thinking? Are they thinking?

This type of teaching is not in the Bible, it never works for anyone, and yet people keep going for it and teaching it to others and making the down trodden feel that their faith is worthless, it’s nothing, if you just had enough God would make you all better. And those that don’t know better believe that their faith isn’t good enough for God. Ridiculos. Outrageous. Insensetive. Unbelivebalble. NOT Christ like.

Here is why people trying to burden me wiith this crap bothers me. Jesus said that if you have the faith of a mustard seed that you could move a mountain. A mustard seed is a very small thing. Faith is a very precious thing. So when you say to me that faith is judged or demonstrated by how healthy you are or how well you heal from a tragedy or how well you recover from terminal cancer you are saying to a precious soul that has found deep faith more valuable than the finest gold that because they are not perfect in health that their faith is worth very little. Not even the size of a mustard seed?

Faith is not somthing that can be twisted and manipulated to acheive your greatest wants and wishes. Granted that’s what many many people treat and believe that’s what faith is these days. But compare that selfish motivation to someone who in their darkest hours has found faith in trusting God. No matter what, knowing and trusting Him is their faith. And then someone comes along and dares trample on that precious heart with their greedy definition of “faith?” It’s shameful.

Faith for me is knowing and seeking Christ more and more. He offers forgiveness of sin, a peace that no one or nothing else can bring, eternal life. That to me is worth more than money. So sad that people take the true life changing joy and hope of what Jesus offers and turn it into their own instant temporary fix for whatever ails you and whatever you want right now. Even sadder they stamp Jesus name on it and people asscosiate this heart breaking foolishness with Christianity.

There is a Bible verse where Paul says that he is afraid that our minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotionton Christ. Faith in Christ is so simple and pure and yet many turn it into a formula. One that never works and never looks to Christ as the answer.

To those that continue to follow after and push this self centered form of faith onto others, this was not written for you. But maybe if you are offended, maybe it’s because you need to be. If there’s no truth to what’s been said then you’d have no reason to be upset. If you continue on your route, that’s your choice, but I ask that you please stop pushing your burdens onto other precious souls. Jesus said His burden His easy. But if you know that what you have been after is not true faith in Christ, simply, seek Christ. Not this or that or everything else, but Christ.

This was written for those dear ones that struggle with illness and injuries and tradgidies and have been made to feel that their faith is nothing to God. Your faith is precious and those that have made you feel otherwise are not representing God but themselves. Know that the faith that has brought you through and keeps you holding on in your darkest hour is noticed by God. Jesus said to Thomas that ‘you believe in me because you have seen, but blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.’ We are blessed my friends. Don’t fret over those who don’t know what true faith is, even though I know it can hurt at times.

Somes focus is right now and that’s as big as their picture is. But we know that our focus is eternal and our picture is where Jesus is, and that’s a beautiful place.


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