Maybe the reason people are fine with church on Sunday is they can fulfill their religious duty in an hour and not have to worry about it for the rest of the week.

Maybe if we spent much more than an hour we’d have to face the inconsistencies between the church service we attend and the Bible we supposedly read and follow and live by.

Maybe if we thought about it much more than Sunday we’d have to decide if we really were seeking God or just pretending that going to church was the same as actually knowing and living for Him. Maybe.

Maybe you don’t find it strange that buildings have to be built for people to worship God.

Maybe you don’t find it strange that people give millions of dollars to buildings and say it’s God’s will.

Maybe it’s okay that people are encouraged to commit their money to a building mortgage and assured that God will take care of all their needs by faith as long as they give their money faithfully to God’s building.

After all, God’s plan is to build buildings on every corner in every town and city so we can go there and find Him and live for Him on Sundays. Maybe.

There are so many churches. Choose one. They all say they are doing God’s work. How many are in your town? Surely we can see the difference they make in our society, can’t we?

So many churches. Our society is Christ centered, isn’t it?

What we’re being taught in our churches on Sunday is shaping our society, our town, it’s evident, isn’t it?

So many churches. They have to be from God, right? So many fast food restaurants, are they from God too?

Get what you need and go on your way.

Maybe you pay the electric bill at your church, so the AC can keep pumping and you can be really comfortable on Sunday when you’re listening to someone teach you about God.

Maybe you pay the person teaching you about God. What do they teach you anyway? As long as you’re fine with it.

Maybe you never wonder why the way things are done at church can’t be found in the Bible.

Maybe you never wonder why you can’t go to church without money being mentioned and collected.

Maybe that’s what God requires of you on Sundays. Even though it’s not in the Bible.

Maybe somebody that works at your church can explain it to you so you don’t have to worry about it. Maybe on Sunday.

Maybe you say I’ve gone too far. Maybe I haven’t gone far enough.

Maybe you say the devil is after me. Why isn’t he after you? Maybe because everything’s fine at your church. Maybe it always has been and maybe it always will be, on Sunday.

Maybe the Lord is after me. Why isn’t He after you?

Maybe if church was less about buildings and money and costumes and Sundays and more about Jesus and the unimaginable weight of His death on the cross and the actual change He can bring to people’s lives when they honestly seek Him, maybe then we would see real change.


Maybe you’ll feel better about it on Sunday, at church.



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