Maybe you can help me walk

A friend wrote this about me and shared it on his page and I wanted to share it with you:


Ian is originally from the Bahamas. When he was 15, he dove off of a long dock, feet first (not head first as most would think) like he had done 1,000s of times before.

When his feet hit the ocean floor, the impact traveled up his spine and damaged his spinal cord at the C2 level.

When this happened he also drowned. He was with a friend and the friend pulled him out. Keep in mind that these were only 15 year old boys.

Ian was unconscious, the friend went for help. They ended up putting him in a boat as he was on an island.

Then transported him by truck, then on a small plane to West Palm Beach. All the while his neck was not stabilized.

He was pronounced dead when his parents were notified. His lungs were full of water and they had him on life support for several days.

They were able to revive him and he slowly began improving. He was completely paralyzed at this point.

After several weeks in the hospital, they transported him to Chicago to the Shriner’s hospital which is where they began basic therapy and continued on improving his condition. He was in Chicago for several months.

He had to have two surgeries on his neck to stabilize it. After his therapy time was finished in Chicago, he went back to West Palm Beach and finished high school so he could continue with additional therapy.

He never really felt like he was at his potential. Mainly felt like the doctors and therapists would get him to a point of survival and that was it. He has always had a desire to do more.

Slowly he began to walk a few steps at a time. He does about 30-50 steps now but with assistance. He has learned to drive, and done so at age 33, having never driven before. He exercises regularly to the best of his ability.


One thought on “Maybe you can help me walk

  1. Fantastic Story Ian! I will try to help in whatever way I can. You’re an inspiration and a gift from God! I believe in you.

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