Shazam Kalam and the Confused Man

So everyone loves city leader CL Shazam Kalam. Everyone loves this guy but I, yes it seems like I alone do not have warm feelings for CL Shazam Kalam.

But I had hope, every so often the people of the city vote to decide if they will continue to follow the CL or if they will look to a new person to lead them.

Yes I had hope, and five opponents stepped up to challenge CL Shazam. Neither of them seemed awesome but of course anyone has to be better than Shazam.

So the five challengers first had to challenge each other to see would stand up to Shazam.

But the more they challenged each other, the more they seemed just like Shazam. Out of the five challengers there were three that the people of the city seemed to be interested in. And they seemed to not think about that those three were very similar to Shazam.

But of course anyone is better than Shazam, and the more they wanted to be rid of Shazam the awesomer his three challengers seemed.

The people seemed to really like one of the challengers, even though he is a very confused man who could very well give the people everything they ever dreamed of, and more than they ever wanted.

Out of the five challengers the confused man is the one who the people placed their hope in to be rid of Shazam. I do not think he is the best option but if he can defeat Shazam then maybe he is the answer.

Out of the five challengers there is one that I liked better than the confused man. This one was not perfect but he was sincere and he was not confused. He didn’t believe everything I believe but he was honest and not confused. But the people of the city have the right to choose, and they believe the confused man will defeat Shazam Kalam.

Funny thing is the more the people of the city talk to me about the confused man the more I believe that he is a good choice, a good answer, better than CL Shazam anyway.

The people are very passionate about the confused man, and I think I might choose him to just to be rid of Shazam.

Deep down I know that the confused man is not the answer for the city people. But he seems to give them hope and make them happy for a little while so he might not be so bad. And I am so tired of listening to CL Shazam Kalam speak to the city people with false words, his fakery makes me hope a little more in the confused man.

Give the people what they want, but deep down I know that Shazam or the confused man won’t make the people of the city happy or give them peace or give them rest from their weariness.

-Don’t plagiarise


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