Church, get paid, Jesus.. yeah yeah

I was flipping through the channels and stopped on a religous channel and the first words I hear the “pastor” say are: Ten thousand dollars on my table, I sowed a seed of a thousand dollars and broke the back of povety. You control God’s favor in your life. –

I changed the channel after that. I am a Christian, but what crap churches, groups, people are “teaching” in the name of Christ.  Jesus is real, false greedy manipulitive people like this may mention the name of Jesus but they are far from following Him.  Interestingly people follow their own desires and stamp the name of Jesus on it and many people think oh it’s all good, they said Jesus.

I know that the Bible is God’s Word, but how people try to twist it from God’s Word to what they actullay would like it to mean. Instead of it being God’s Word it’s their own word.  Interestingly,  just because someone twists the truth of the Bible to their own views and desires doesn’t make their lie true. Sincerity doesn’t equal truth. Shouting it loudly doesn’t equal truth. The truth is not whatever you want it to be or whatever you would like it to be or whatever your pastor / teacher taught you it was or whatever you feel deep inside.

Watch out for false teachers but don’t let their sick examples keep you from seeking Jesus for yourself.


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